2014 Free Spirit SS


One of the great features of the Free Spirit is the enclosed wet bath complete with shower.

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  1. Connie medcalf says:

    Hello, I’m in the market for a toilet and shower combo like the free spirit ss bathroom shower. I would like more info on your products. Currently remodeling a promaster into an rv. Sincerely Connie medcalf

    • Hi Connie, This site is not for a dealer or retailer for the products but was just sharing some information about it. You might try searching for the official product website to learn more.

  2. Hi Connie,

    I know a guy who is doing a first-class Promaster class B RV remodel. If you are interested, I could pass your contact info on to him. He might be willing to share some photos and ideas with you.

    He is building almost everything from scratch, including the water tanks and — I believe — the wet bath (which sits on top the black/grey water tank).

    He is very skilled. I would not attempt to do some of what he is doing, but he will end up with a _very_ solid, well-insulated, 4-season RV. I doubt there is an RV like it on the market, for any price.

    I would be inclined to do some of what he’s done myself, but then purchase other items — like the wet bath.

    Another option would be to search for forums devoted to Promaster vans/Promaster van conversions/class B Promaster RVs. Forums can be a great source of information — just keep in mind that there is a wide range of expertise. For every experienced, knowledgeable person there will usually be several other who are not well-informed and (often unintentionally) spread misinformation.

    After you read a few threads you will probably begin to realize who has a clue and who doesn’t.

  3. Hi, I’m Greg from the Small House Society. I’d be happy to help. Visit SmallHouseSociety.net to get in touch.

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